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Welcome to the pre-public version of the Videogame Interface Wiki.

The goal of this wiki is to promote non-standard videogame interactions by cataloguing all sorts of videogame interfaces and providing information for game players and game makers on how to make use of them.

The short-term goal is to make this place less empty, then to make it less hideous.


  • Um-ing and ah-ing over the best way to represent adapter compatibility.
  • We've hit 30 controller entries!

Rjt (talk)

How To Help

NB: Check out the Contributor Guide.

A good way to start could be to:—

  • Fix any typos or small factual errors.
  • Add images to pages that need them.
  • Create categories that red links are pointing to.

More advanced:—

  • Create yourself a user page, and use that play with formatting, write drafts, etc.
  • Create a page for a controller, adaptor, piece of software you are familiar with.


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